Whether a new home build or a remodel, you need a reliable contractor backed by industry experience and expertise. American Mastercraft Inc. incorporates premium services and our trusted technical team to create and deliver homes you can be proud of. We incorporate our clients’ ideas combined with our building and engineering knowledge to bring practicality and aesthetic quality to your brand-new residence.

We create a place you can truly call home.

Commercial and Residential Roofing
Roofs are major structures requiring expert roofers to create new roofs, perform maintenance and repair damages. We offer certified roofers to complete all residential and commercial roofing modifications with guaranteed service delivery.
Design and Engineering
Our incredible team includes professionally qualified engineers to create impeccable and functional property and remodel designs. We manage the entire building project from the design process to its engineering.
Concrete Applications
Your building contractor prepares and applies durable concrete for lasting results you can trust.
For residential and commercial construction and roofing, American Mastercraft Inc., offers masterful trade, unmatched quality and a design aesthetic to bring your ideas for renovations and builds to life. We offer every client a workmanship guarantee because we are confident; we can deliver on our promises.
We are a registered building company. Call on us for a comprehensive and valuable quotation.

Commercial Building and Renovations

Commercial Building and Renovations
For commercial properties requiring new builds and renovations, a complete expert team is required to facilitate the project. At American Mastercraft Inc. we take pride in the quality we provide for the modern business looking to expand, to create more storage or develop new construction.